I’d like to share several updates from the ITS Leadership Team, including how we’re evolving and continuing to expose more and new IT staff to the planning and decision-making processes.

Investing in the people within our organization is one of my central strategic priorities. By increasing transparency about how and why decisions are made, we can provide growth opportunities to our people. At the same time, it adds more voices and different perspectives so that we can make more informed decisions.

Ways in which we’ve already expanded the number of voices at the leadership table include:

  • the creation of the Leadership Team Plus, which convenes members of the ITS LT and the direct reports of the AVPs for regular conversations about the IT roadmap at Northeastern; and
  • the addition of Matt Meyer, AVP for global IT operations, who in this role will bring the needs and feedback of the colleges and global network locations to the strategic IT roadmap and discussions.

I’m also making the following role and leadership team changes, effective immediately:

  • I’m naming Karen McCarthy, associate vice president and head of Office of CIO, IT operations, and Marcus Robinson, associate vice president for engagement and experience, each as deputy CIO. I’ve spent, and increasingly spend, more of my time engaging with university leadership in shaping, planning, and advancing the technology strategy for Northeastern. As I’ve done so, Karen and Marcus are increasingly acting on my behalf to support ITS, our business partners, and the university’s mission on top of leading their respective focus areas within ITS. In their newly expanded roles, they’ll continue to do so while also continuing to work collaboratively with the other AVPs to align strategy and efforts across ITS units and the IT portfolio.
  • Amanda Fratticcioli is being promoted to deputy, head of Office of CIO, IT Operations, with the authority to act on and in behalf of Karen and the Office of the CIO. This highlights and builds upon her existing role in helping to guide and execute multiple IT strategic initiatives and administrative operations. Amanda will continue serving as a member of the ITS Leadership Team in her newly expanded role.
  • Kacie Harkins, assistant director for program and project management, is joining as a regular member of the ITS Leadership Team. She’s bringing an important voice from the Project Management Office, as well as her decades of experience in project management, operations, and leadership.

Finally, I’m delighted to announce the hiring of Fentress Brown as the lead of human resources within ITS. Fentress started on Monday, March 7 and brings over 16 years of HR-related experience to our organization. She’ll also join the ITS Leadership Team, in a similar role as Ehrika Tourigny was in, advising and working with the rest of leadership on IT employee experience; staff development; and diversity, equity and inclusion. Many thanks to Karen, Amanda, Tracy Bain, and the other members of the ITS admin and HR teams who stepped up and filled in where needed as we conducted the search for this important role. Please join me in welcoming Fentress to Team ITS!

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