Partnering to Prioritize and Align 

In collaboration with the Office of the CIO, the IT Council (ITC) oversees strategic IT projects and decisions about technology as it relates to the university long-range plan. The university’s IT governance framework, as of spring 2023, includes two new additional governing bodies, IT Project Steering (ITPS) and Student Change Control Advisory Board (SCCAB), which help advise the ITC. One of the roles of this framework is to review, prioritize, provide input to, and approve all capital project requests and funding.   

IT Council

IT Council (ITC) provides oversight for agreed upon strategic IT projects that enable the implementation of the university’s long-range plan, ensuring that the university continues to appropriately advance the use of technology to meet its mission, vision, and goals. ITC meets at least monthly and provides guidance and oversight on significant IT related projects and programs to help ensure they’re being effectively executed. 

Co-chairs: Karen McCarthy, Marcus Robinson (CIO)

Ken Henderson (Chancellor), David Madigan (Provost), Tom Nedell (Finance), Mary Strother (General Counsel)

IT Project Steering 

IT Project Steering (ITPS) provides guidance for all strategic initiatives and decisions articulated in the university’s long-range plan and that enable implementation of the LRP. ITPS ensures that the university makes the best possible decisions in advancing the use of technology to meet its mission, vision, and goals. 

Chair: Karen McCarthy (Office of the CIO) 

Rebecca Anzuoni (External Affairs), Carolyn Bargoot (Office of the Provost), Kathy Byington (Finance), Kerry Gallivan (Global Network and Strategic Initiatives), Kirsten Gilbert (Office of the Chancellor), Tim Keneally (Advancement), Marcus Robinson (Office of the CIO), Lisa Sinclair (Office of General Counsel)

Student Change Control Advisory Board 

The SCCAB provides guidance and prioritization of systems or technologies that a student directly interacts with or that directly impacts the student experience in a way that students can measure.  

Kirsten Gilbert (Office of the Chancellor); Kacie Harkins (Office of the CIO); Rebecca Hunter (Registrar); Chong Kim-Wong (Student Affairs); Marina Macomber (Enrollment Management); Megan Madel (Educational Innovation); Karen McCarthy (Office of the CIO); TBD (Office of the Provost) 

Additional Governing and Advising Groups 

The Office of the CIO and ITS seek out and engage with members of the Northeastern community, welcoming input into technology decisions and bringing the IT perspective to broader conversations.  

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