A Vision for Technology at Northeastern

The roadmap and story of the university’s digital transformation

Thinking globally has challenged every aspect of the traditional university mindset and has placed an increased focus on the role that technology plays in its success.

The Office of the Chief Information Officer provides the high-level roadmap for the IT enterprise at Northeastern and outlines the strategy for how the university harnesses technology in support of its ambitious goals. The following roadmap and successes on this site tell the story of Northeastern’s ongoing digital transformation. The core priorities and values frame decision-making and direction, and the ongoing and future projects illustrate how the university is moving beyond the current state and maturing the digital university.

Message from the CIO

May 2023

Thinking globally has challenged every aspect of the traditional university mindset and has placed an increased focus on the role that technology plays in its success. Individually, each of us faces technology more and more in our daily lives. Because of this, we must all embrace digital dexterity as a skill that, as an organization, we must hire for, train for, develop, and support. To realize the vision for a global digital university, we must continue to challenge our thinking and shift our culture accordingly.

So what is a global digital university? I believe it is a fluid organization that has the ability to quickly execute on the innovative needs that arise from our strategic planning processes. It is a place, no matter where you are, you can get answers to questions using tools that enhance your work. It is a place that recognizes that the only way to realize our strategic vision is to go beyond the point in time solutions, placing immense value on the role technology plays in our evolution. While we have made huge strides, Northeastern has only ignited the spark at the start of a full-fledged, multi-year digital revolution.

We will build upon the core values that I brought to the organization with me in 2018. We’re not replacing them, but going beyond and expanding upon them. As we approach our work, we’ll be: 

  • Building a philosophy that is mobile/digital/cloud first;
  • Delighting the community through our delivery of services and experiences;
  • Enhancing and growing a culture of operational excellence;
  • Broadly and positively impacting research activities;
  • Promoting a world-class teaching and learning organization that inspires;
  • Ensuring a safe and secure information environment;
  • Investing in growth and development of people; and
  • Engaging the campus community through the web and digital tools.

On this website, you’ll find some of the things we have done in the digital space to address our global growth as well as the ways we are further accelerating our efforts, expanding our thinking, and going beyond all existing preconceptions of how a student-focused, global, R1 university should be managed, supported, and positioned to delight a campus community.

Cole W. Camplese

CIO and Vice President for Information Technology

Core Priorities

Student Support and Engagement / Faculty Support and Engagement


Digital University

System Transformation

Information Security

Multi-Year Roadmap: Sparking the Digital Revolution

The university is in midst of a digital revolution that is highly focused and strategic in its approach to elevating the faculty and student experience, and to making the work of staff easier and more effortless. The following roadmap for transformation highlights the key foundational steps necessary to recognizing the vision of the global, digital university.

FY 2022

Global IT Team

Workday HCM

Global Platform: Student Hub

Enrollment Platform

FY 2023 

Physical Network Modernization

Mills Integration

Global Platform: Employee Hub

Global Classroom Standard

FY 2024

Financial System Modernization

Global Platform: Parent Hub

Global Student Mobility

Salesforce Modernization

FY 2025

Student System Discovery

Global Platform: Alumni and Partner Hub

Research Computing Expansion

Intelligent Service Platform

Updates from the Office of the CIO

The following reports serve as a snapshot of our mission, values, and progress throughout the year. 

  • May 2023 Office of the CIO Update
    In this month’s update, learn more about how IT Services is launching a new set of resources to develop online programs, collaboration across global university teams, new Global Learning Spaces on Seattle campus, Global Accessibility Awareness Day, and more!…

More About Cole

Cole W. Camplese serves as the Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer at Northeastern University.

In this role, he oversees Information Technology Services and the many services that support the needs of the educational, research, administrative activities, and innovative endeavors of the University. As Chief Information Officer, Camplese is charged with the creation of strategic IT initiatives that align with the University’s mission, culture, and long-term goals. He works closely across the campus community with the Provost, Deans, students, faculty, and staff to deliver programs and services that enhance teaching, learning, research, and student experiences.