A Vision for Technology at Northeastern

The roadmap and story of the university’s digital transformation

Thinking globally has challenged every aspect of the traditional university mindset and has placed an increased focus on the role that technology plays in its success.

The Office of the Chief Information Officer provides the high-level roadmap for the IT enterprise at Northeastern and outlines the strategy for how the university harnesses technology in support of its ambitious goals. The following roadmap and successes on this site tell the story of Northeastern’s ongoing digital transformation. The core priorities and values frame decision-making and direction, and the ongoing and future projects illustrate how the university is moving beyond the current state and maturing the digital university.

Message from the CIOs

Sept. 2023

As we write this message the new school year is just getting underway. It’s a time of new beginnings for many in the university community. While it’s a new beginning for the two of us as we start in this new leadership position, it’s also just a continuation of the ongoing momentum around the global digital university. Together with the university community, ITS will continue to drive digital and technology initiatives forward for the institution. At the same time, we’ll also continue to deliver services and solutions on a scale to support the growing Northeastern community around the globe.   

ITS is pressing forward on the university’s multi-year technology roadmap. This is highlighted by the rapid modernization of the physical network infrastructure in Boston, Oakland, and other campus locations. Global Learning Spaces continue to serve as the new global classroom standard, with 59 classrooms upgraded in Summer 2023 alone and planning already underway for next summer. And we’re on our way to transforming the online experience for our families with the Global Digital Platform, much like we’ve already done for our students and employees. These initiatives and other work are regularly featured as snapshots in the Office of the CIO Updates.  

This past summer, we invited university stakeholders to partner with us on the future of this roadmap. Though just barely into the 2024 fiscal year, we’re already deep in the planning cycle for FY25. More university departments and stakeholders than ever before are formally part of this conversation—because indeed, it’s a conversation—with the recently formed IT Project Steering and Student Change Control Advisory Boards joining IT Council as part of the IT Governance framework.  

Our core priorities and values behind this work have not changed. As the specific problems we’re looking to solve change or evolve, the university’s learning, research, and operational excellence are still central to what we do, as is the people and the community.  

We look forward to continuing to partner with and support you in bringing the Northeastern experience to life.  

Karen McCarthy and Marcus P. Robinson

Co-interim Chief Information Officers

Core Priorities

Student Support and Engagement / Faculty Support and Engagement


Digital University

System Transformation

Information Security

Multi-Year Roadmap: Sparking the Digital Revolution

The university is in midst of a digital revolution that is highly focused and strategic in its approach to elevating the faculty and student experience, and to making the work of staff easier and more effortless. The following roadmap for transformation highlights the key foundational steps necessary to recognizing the vision of the global, digital university.

FY 2022

Global IT Team

Workday HCM

Global Platform: Student Hub

Enrollment Platform

FY 2023 

Physical Network Modernization

Mills Integration

Global Platform: Employee Hub

Global Classroom Standard

FY 2024

Financial System Modernization

Global Platform: Parent Hub

Global Student Mobility

Salesforce Modernization

FY 2025

Student System Discovery

Global Platform: Alumni and Partner Hub

Research Computing Expansion

Intelligent Service Platform

Updates from the Office of the CIO

The following reports serve as a snapshot of our mission, values, and progress throughout the year. 

  • March 2024 Office of the CIO Update
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