ServiceNow leveraged to optimize University Finance service operations for faculty, staff, and students

To improve customer service and issues resolution, central finance—including Accounts Payable, Procurement, and other areas—recently joined other university departments on ServiceNow, the university service management and workflow platform. This shift has allowed the department to move from disparate email boxes for customer inquiries and enabled requests and issues to be routed directly to the appropriate teams for resolution. ServiceNow also provides information that lets the department know the types and number of customer issues, the amount of time it takes to resolve inquiries, and how services can be improved.

Policy, compliance, and risk management capabilities launched to support research cybersecurity certification

With ServiceNow’s Integrated Risk Management solution, Northeastern University can now publish policies, track policy compliance, and manage risks associated with its research enterprise. This ability is necessary for obtaining and maintaining Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, a certification that’s critical for the university to remain eligible for Department of Defense (DoD) grant funding and for growing the research enterprise. In the future, the Policy, Compliance and Risk components of ServiceNow can be extended for other applications across the university.

Integration of ServiceNow and eBuilder platforms enables better technology solutions and outcomes for construction projects

The workflow integration between ServiceNow and eBuilder service and project management systems allows ITS to start working on audiovisual, networking, and other technology capabilities in the earlier phases of capital renovation and construction projects. Being part of the planning process from the beginning will lead to improved project communications between university teams, better planning, and the ability to move more quickly to meet fast timelines and expectations.

Northeastern Banner environment upgraded to implement financial aid functionality

The upgrade to Oracle 19c is required for the ongoing initiative to introduce financial aid functionality in Banner. As financial aid for Northeastern students increases, including $390.4M for 2022-23, this initiative will give Northeastern students improved access to services related to federal aid, grants, and university scholarships.

Student Hub update helps students better prepare for the upcoming semester

The Student Hub’s Classes tab, which is one of the two highest viewed tabs in the Me Bar section of the Hub, now displays a student’s course schedule for their upcoming academic term. Previously, course schedules displayed via the Hub were only available for the current term. Now, a student can choose either the current term or a future term. With an average of 11,550 unique students accessing the Student Hub each day throughout a semester, this update is a welcome improvement to a student’s experience, making it easier for them to transition between semesters and plan ahead by accessing class times, meeting locations, and more for the upcoming term.

Web support helps feature the expanding global campus network across the Northeastern online presence in a unified and inclusive manner

The ITS web solutions, information security, and network operations teams partnered to provide the Office of External Affairs the support needed to launch the new Miami, San Jose, San Francisco, and Bay Area websites. The new Miami campus site ( has been seen by over 1,000 site visitors since launch on Dec. 13 and supports a number of high-profile public announcements about the new campus. Additionally, web solutions revised and implemented the global page navigation elements (header and footer) to include Miami as the 14th campus location, helping to provide a unified navigational experience to several millions of monthly visitors across several thousand Northeastern websites. Additional digital accessibility support for the navigation also provides a more inclusive experience for site visitors and reduces risk to the institution.

Updates to Husky Card system enable locks and access for the new Charlotte campus location

The CSGold application, which powers the access control and security behind Husky Cards, was upgraded to the latest application version on December 19. This application upgrade enables the card access system at the new Charlotte campus location, which is the first of Northeastern’s campuses to roll out a new model of door controller/lock with the Gold system. This upgrade will help ensure safe and secure access to the campus once the new Charlotte locks come online early in 2023.

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